Noticed things look a touch different round here (just a tiny bit huh)? Well yeah, what’s up, WE UPGRADED BABYYY! A whole new website, a whole new look and a tonne more coming along the way. It should be hella faster, our checkout has now been fully customised to look its sexiest ever and all our products have made the move with us alongside some others that might’ve disappeared over the years.

So what does this mean for you as a customer?

Well, not a whole lot. We’re still working on the possibility of transferring customer accounts/information but with the rules around GDPR (and generally being safe with data), we don’t sadly think that’ll be possible. So for a short period of time, we’re intending to keep our old site open to allow you to check any info or order history you might wish to access.

In terms of reward accounts/points, we’re also look at a way of potentially transferring that data over but, again, it’s really tough to do it in a safe + easy way. Therefore, for the foreseeable future, if you had any outstanding points on your account please just reach out to us via email before your purchase and we’ll be able to verify that on the backend alongside providing you a manual discount code to achieve the points you wanted to redeem.

Has anything changed that I need to know about? Do you still have the product I want?

Not that much has changed overall beyond a cosmetic facelift of the site and the moving from hosting providers to allow for a more personalised experience alongside aligning with our continued growth as a company in a market where innovation is becoming essential to keep up. There may well be teething problems or issues you spot though, s**t happens, that’s life and if you could let us know of any issues/suggestions you might have via our support email we would be beyond grateful.

In terms of product availability, it’s all the same if not better! We have all our products (from posters to t-shirts) on this new site and even some that may have vanished over the years are making a return. If you can’t find a certain product though, again, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout as it’s always possible something’s been missed in the migration (we do have over individual 1000 products after all).

You aren’t hacked are you? Why did your domain change?

Well this ones an easy one, no mom, we’ve not been taken over by internet pirates (I mean, if they had, they’ve gone a damn good job designing this site). The domain swap is planned to just be temporary whilst we test things out but for now, our original domain ( will redirect to this current domain ( Our payment methods are identical to the previous site (Stripe + PayPal) and therefore carry exactly the same security as before alongside the site being fully SSL protected.

Why did you do this when the old site was fine?

Well, there’s a lot of reasons as to why and they were building up for a while. The main one being, we simply wanted more control over our site and its general design as we grew to be a bigger company and brand in the market. This move will allow us to try a lot more crazy things, push the boundaries on our products and ambitions as the whacky brand we are and just provide you guys with a way f**king better experience.

Change is always scary at first, trust us on that one, but all our customers support in the past year has been off the charts insane. Ya’ll are too damn cool and we love you to the moon and back for that. If you can make this work, it’d mean the world to us as we know all too well that when thing’s switch up, it can go either way, which is scary. But in the long run, we think this will be an amazing move to what is a journey slowly coming to its peak.

We’ll still be available on our support email 7 days a week if you have any questions or issues (or even just suggestions) so please, holla but most importantly, enjoy the summer and STAY FRESH!

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