Shipping Policy (2021)

Shipping Policy

Our current production estimates are displayed below – the days displayed are business days & do not include the day of order. These estimates reflect our current turnaround times and are based on all variables staying consistent. They are, still, just estimates though – this means that they’re not set times but estimated and therefore can fluctuate.

If for any reason (due to weight mistakes in your basket) you are quoted an incorrect domestic delivery time please refer to the following average estimates:

T-Shirts = 1-3 days 
Hoodies/Sweaters = 1-4 days 
Posters = 1-4 days 

These are production wait time estimates and not inclusive of transit time with USPS (or the courier used). Once an item is dispatched, you’ll receive your tracking number and the delivery time is then in the hands of the courier – most orders are delivered in a couple of days but, again, this is out with our control and can on occasion, take a bit longer. If you ever don’t receive a tracking number, please just reach out to us (with your order number) so we can manually provide it.

Therefore, please allow up to 30 business days for your order to arrive if ordering during peak times or if any errors/delays occur on both the customers end or our end – 99.9% of orders are delivered in well under this time though, this is simply a clause to allow us to act on any mistakes that rarely occur.

We also now, sadly cannot amend address information once an order is placed. This is due to our new automatic system that allows for a massive reduction in production times but means, once your order is placed, it’s immediately sent through to our printers and postage labels generated.

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