It’s rare that we give insight into any of the behind the scenes operations at TFS but this feels a little different. RE-WRX, the new company/brand we’ve just launched, has been in the works for pretty much a year now and we’re so excited to show you it!

I know what you’ll be thinking; how on earth did it take you a year to make this? Well it didn’t, more so it took a year from coming up with the idea, figuring out how we’d actually go about it, researching the sourcing of the vintage, coming up with the actual branding and all the fun design issues that come with that and of course, building the store and producing the products. It feels like it’s been a long time coming but of course, you guys were none the wiser so what difference does it actually make – thankfully we held off on giving some sort of pre-announcement as the entire process ended up being delayed heavily during the summer whilst we worked on this brand spanking new website.

But here we are, it’s live and ready to be browsed so please, browse away (our sexy URL is ‘’, short and sweet). I honestly have absolutely no clue if it’ll succeed, it very well might not. Honestly though, it was a lot of fun getting all the garments made, shot and then onto the site, however stressful that may have been. So if it only lasts a month or two, hopefully we can still sort out you guys with some dope garments and can throw the entire process under our belts for going forward.

We’ve made a really strong effort to ensure things are explained clearly on the site alongside encouraging anyone still confused to speak to our support team ( as we completely understand that there’s not really anything quite like out there and the whole concept can be rather weird to newcomers.

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